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Listed below are my 11 Android Apps. Please download them if they sound appealing to you! Thanks for visiting my developer site.

Overall, my apps (that have ratings > 0) are rated 3.23 out of 5 stars, out of 25 ratings.

Check Out The Realtime Recipes web app. An android version is coming out soon!

Realtime recipes | Recipes with Built in timers!

Pebble Phone Battery Watchface

By :SpecificApps

Rated 0.0 out of 5 stars


This app contains a pebble watchface that can be loaded onto your pebble smartwatch, It sends the battery percentage over to the watch on regular intervals. Very handy. Even if you close the phone app, or reboot the phone, this phone app will continue sending the phone's battery percentage to the watch.

* The pebble watchface is installed through this android phone app. You simply press the button on the app to install it. You must have bluetooth set up on your phone, and be paired to the pebble.

Fence Post Plotter

By :SpecificApps

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars


Plot out 2 dimensional fence diagrams easily. (It might take you some time to get used to the controls, but they become easy with a couple attempts.) ** See below for known usability issues.

The app keeps track of how many end posts, corner posts, sections, and line posts you have added. Once you are complete with a fence diagram, you can "save" it by clicking the save button. It will create an image of the diagram, and you will be able to email it to yourself, or a fence company for installation material requirements, or an estimation. This app does not take into account materials themselves, such as wood or vinyl, it just creates a diagram for you. You can decide the materials later.

To use, you start by touching the screen , it will draw a line of 8 feet, and draw a post (a circle). Then you touch as close to the point in the direction you want the fence to go. It will draw another line in that direction.

Click on the "end" button to end a line of fence. This is equivalent of digging an end post, and moving onto the next line.

Click the "Gate" button to enter a gate. This puts the program into "gate mode". The next line you draw will appear as a gate. (angled off to the side) . Gate mode will turn off automatically, so the next point you draw will be a section.

Click the "Length" button to pick a section length from 3 to 10 feet. The default is 8 feet. This length is persistant, meaning it does not act like gate mode. Say you select 10 feet. All subsequent sections added will be 10 feet, until you change it to another length.

** sometimes you will draw a post unintentionally. As of now, I have not been able to create working undo button, but It should be ready in the next edition. For now, you will have to leave the mistake in, and explain in the email, or hit clear, and start over. My apologies for this inconvenience. Another issue is the zoom. You can zoom in and out, but the touch coordinates will be messed up once you do so, in relation to the fence points. I left zoom in there because if you have a large fence that goes off the screen, to get a good picture of it, you will have to zoom out (pinch and zoom). But don't try to zoom in and out while you are plotting the diagram. When you get close to an end, the diagram will shift over, so you can add posts without zooming all the way out. I will try to make zoom work correctly for the next edition. Another thing I am going to add is a grid overlay, to make it look like graph paper. I published it as is for now, because I feel it is usable enough. I will continue to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Enter The Timeline for Pebble

By :SpecificApps

Rated 2.7 out of 5 stars


This app is for the new pebble time watches, not the original pebble, or the original pebble steel. The watches are only available to kickstarter backers, they are not yet sold at stores. If you are lucky enough to have the new pebble time watch, you can test out the timeline interface with this app.

The timeline pins are not instantaneous! They can take up to 15 minutes, according to pebble, but they usually arrive within a minute or two, with my testing experience.

This app is a companion app to a pebble time app, called enter the timeline. You install this app to your phone, and then you can sideload (a fancy word for install) the pebble app, from the phone to your pebble. Once you get the pebble app open on your watch, and have this phone app open, the pebble will send a piece of identifying data, or a token, to the phone. This step only has to be done once, and then you can send timeline pins to your watch any time, as as your phone is connected to the internet.

This app has the following features.

- Push timeline pins to your pebble time smartwatch
- Set a reminder from 1 to 100 minutes before your timeline pin event.
- Set the primary color, secondary color, and background color of the timeline pin to any of pebble times new colors
- Set the icon of the timeline pin
- Set the body text, or short description of the pin.
- This app contains the pebble time app, but you can also get the pebble time app from the Pebble time store.

Wear Heads or Tails Flip Coin

By :SpecificApps

Rated 0.0 out of 5 stars


Android Wear watch app to flip a rare 1917 Type 1 Standing US Silver Quarter. No need to take out a real coin, when you can play Heads or Tails directly from your watch!

No bells and whistles on this app.

Audio Alarm - Play/Scan mp3's

By :SpecificApps

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars


I created this app so I could wake up to the radio shows I listen to. I would usually have to open the webpage that has the mp3s in the browser, long-click them to save link as.. you know the drill, annoying. This app automates the process of downloading mp3s from websites, and lets you do way more than just that.

1) NEW : V5.3: Follow all links on a page, including non mp3 links, (like an mp3 web browser)
2) NEW: V5.3: Enter an rss feed url (for podcasts) and get the list of mp3s
3) NEW V5:3: Import all existing urls that users have entered ( Via Settings -> 'IMPORT URLS' button )
4)Enter in any http.www:// url to scan for possible mp3 links
5) Save as many urls as you want
6) Organize mp3s you download in playlists
7) Create voice recordings, and add them to playlists.
8) Set an individual mp3 file as an alarm, or an entire playlist

Mp3 file scanner allows you to browse mp3s that are publicly available on the web, much like a web browser, that only picks up mp3 files.

You can add unlimited urls, and scan them easily, once they are entered.

You can download the scanned mp3s to your phone

You can play the mp3s at any time.

You can organize the mp3s as ‘playlists’

You can set an alarm, for an mp3 file to play in the future.

You can set a ‘snooze alarm’ for a playlist, so you can start a playlist at a future time, with a 5 minute delay between each play. (You can change the snooze duration) The snooze alarm sets a one time alarm for each mp3, and is smart enough to not start one mp3 when another is still playing, so you do not need to calculate when to set the alarms.

You can delete all data at any time. (All at once, or you can delete items one at a time)

If you don't know what url to try, test it on this website. http://musicforcats.com/21-listen.htm, it is a website that makes music for cats. There are three sample songs on there. I play them for my cat as an alarm, and it really likes to listen to them!

If you run into any issues, please let me know, and I will try my best to resolve them. Thanks.

Punch clock hourly rate timer

By :SpecificApps

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


This is a simple app that simulates a punch clock. You simply begin by setting your hourly rate.

You can start the hourly timer at any time by hitting start. It will keep track of the time and the money earned. To clear the timer and start over, you long press the resume/clear button.

I had a pebble before the wear (I have an Asus Zenwatch now). This app was inspired by the simple to use pebble app "hourly timer".I have not tested a round watch yet, but I plan on doing so. This app works on mobile, and square android wear devices.

MBTA Conductor Free

By :SpecificApps

Rated 2.8 out of 5 stars


This app will tell you prediction of arrivals and departures for the Subway, and Busses of the MBTA. Green line supported as well, but you will have to click on "Vehicle Locations" on the stop page . The MBTA has not yet got the Green Line predictions in yet, but you can use it to get the locations of those green line trains that happen to be above ground. I use it at Resevoir Stop Outbound on the D line every weekday.

MBTA Conductor

By :SpecificApps

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars


Using this app, you can look at MBTA routes, and choose a station based on route. For example you can choose South Station from the Red LIne, to look at the upcoming/recent trips. You can also click a button to see the station on Google Maps, and look at flickr pictures based on the station. Alerts added in most recent update 
On a station screen, you can view public flickr pictures. The Aquarium stop on the blue line probably has the coolest pictures (Sea Turtles. Seals). Its fun just to see what pictures pop up! Alerts: In the most recent edition, I added alerts. When a station has an alert issued by the MBTA, like a Bus will not be arriving, or a station will be closed for construction, the alert will display in a blue background on the Station Info Screen. You can see an example in the PORTER screenshot. (4th one in the screenshot list) The Green line does not have reliable data as of yet. The stations are there on the app, and the MBTA is planning to get the data out there. You can still use the flickr and google maps functions on stations that do not have reliable tracking data.

Webster Tarpley Auto Download

By :SpecificApps

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars


This app will download recent editions of world crisis radio, and it has a simple built in mp3 player to play each file.

  • Files conveniently stored on device

  • New shows are automatically downloaded, and you are notified when new ones are downloaded

  • (shows usually come out on Saturday/Sunday)

Simple Hourly Rate Work Timer

By :SpecificApps

Rated 0.0 out of 5 stars


This app lets you:

- Set your hourly rate, pops up a dialog when it starts up for the first time.
- Start timing your work. (You can pause and resume)
- Simultaneously keep track of your elapsed time and current earned money.
- Logging your wage results to a file on your phone, that you can always refer to in the future.

This App does not attempt to save your info to the cloud, its completely private data.


1) Enter a Rate on startup.
2) Hit START to start working.
3) When you are finished with your timed task, you simply hit "STOP" and then hold down the resume button to reset the timer. This action automatically logs your latest current working session to a local file on the phone. (Not External SD Card, only internal)

Practical Cooking With Timers

By :SpecificApps

Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars


A truly useful cooking app with timers integrated into the steps for convenient cooking. There are many cooking apps out there, but few have integrated timers into the recipes like this. The phones are able to do this type of thing easily, so why not? Please give this app a try, for it may enhance your kitchen experience, and save you time!

--- Timers make a ding sound when they go off.

--- Ongoing timers turn into notifications (if you click 'hide'), so that if you navigate away from the recipe after setting a timer, the timer notification will be there in the notifications list, for you to reference.

--- Create your own recipes, complete with timers and photos.

--- Once you view a recipe, it is stored on your device, capable for offline viewing, so you can cook even without internet access, provided you already have downloaded the recipes you want to cook.

If you own an android wear device (an android smartwatch that is paired to your mobile phone) , you get these awesome features :

--- Timers are sent to the watch during cooking, so you can monitor cooking times better.

We're cooking with gas!